NLP Leaders around the world created a series of videos with resources to deal effectively with the challenges we are facing

Andrea Frausin, Performance Specialist, International Master Trainer & Coach, Author

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Andrea Frausin, Performance & Behavioral Specialist since 1997, International Master Trainer & Coach

At the beginning of April 2020 I sent an email, a call to action to the members of the NLP Leadership Summit, Neuro Linguistic Programming leaders who decided to associate together to talk about NLP, its present and future.
This is what I wrote:
Ciao, Andrea Frausin here from Italy: I am launching a series of free initiatives with international leaders in the field of NLP like you to support people and businesses during these tough times and I need only 15 focused minutes of your time.
Please send me a 15 minutes video about one of the following topics in which you feel strong confidence and experience to give practical strategies, tools/exercises and solutions to help people and businesses during this phase and/or once we will be able to overcome this challenging period:
+ couples relationships;+ communication with children;+ family relationships;+ digital communication;+ relaxation techniques;+ enhancing health strategies;+ business strategies.
These focused 15 minutes can mean a little contribution for you and a big support for many, many people.
I hope you will be one of us.
Many thanks for your attention and collaboration, it is precious
A virtual hug

You find the result of this action in this page, with the videos of the people who decided to participate in this adventure.
A big thank you to all the people who dedicated their time, attention and energy in this initiative to support people around the world in these challenging times.
Hope you enjoy and use the tools and strategies shared by us.
You will find my short video introduction to the initiative and then all the videos I received starting from the video of Frank Pucelik, NLP co-founder.
All the best

About Andrea Frausin
Andrea Frausin operates as a performance and behavioral specialist since 1997 and he has a Master’s degree in economics and a Master’s degree in psychology and different international certifications and accreditations. He is an international master trainer and coach, an international trainer of coaches and trainer of trainers and he is an author of 5 books on communication and performance, one of them (Guerrilla time, more time in your life, more life in your time) published in the Guerrilla series of books, which sold internationally more than 23 millions of books.
Andrea is a senior hypnotherapist within the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) in UK, he is a licensed psychologist in Italy (Ordine degli Psicologi FVG), a sport psychologist and coach, and he is also the one NLP Trainer in the world certified by all the three NLP co-founders (Bandler, Grinder and Pucelik). He had been an assistant of Richard Bandler (NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainers Training), an assistant (in many seminars) and a co-trainer of John Grinder (International NLP Coaching Certification 2009, 2011 and 2014) and he is a co-trainer of Frank Pucelik in specific NLP programs (NLP Excellence for Business 2015, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner 2016, NLP Trainers Training 2017; NLP Trainers Training 2019). In 2017 Andrea has been certified as NLP Master Trainer by Frank Pucelik, NLP co-founder, and Meta International, in the first group of Master Trainers ever certified by the first NLP Institute in the world.
Andrea Frausin has many other accreditations and certifications. Among them, he
has been certified as a Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer (2010) by the father of modern marketing Jay Conrad Levinson, as a Dissociate State Therapy (DST) Practitioner (2015), as a Practitioner of prevention and treatment of PTSD (2016), as a Business Trainer (2017) by Frank Pucelik and Meta International, as a Facilitator of Lego ® Serious Play ® by Robert Rasmussen, main architect of Lego ® Serious Play ® method (2016), as a Mind-Body Studies - Feldenkrais Practitioner by Mia Segal, dr. Feldenkrais first collaborator, and Leora Gaster (2017), as a RTM (Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories) Practitioner (2020).
Andrea is also a University visiting Professor in Unicusano University (in Rome) and a former University visiting Professor in University of Trieste.
In the last years Andrea trained and coached more than four thousand people and his work has been appreciated by different excellence companies, both multinationals and small businesses.
In the corporate world, Andrea has been appreciated by, among others: Allianz, Amissima, Banca Intesa, BNL, Electrolux, ENI, Fincantieri, Generali Group, HDI, Philip Morris International, Poste Italiane, Saipem Mediterranean, Saipem Romania, Stryker Europe, University of Torino, University of Trieste, Wolters Kluwer and many medium and small businesses, primarily in the north east of Italy, and main associations, consulting and training companies.
His services are performed in English or Italian.

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Welcome to the NLP Leader series

Frank Pucelik, NLP co-founder (USA & Ukraine)

In this video Frank Pucelik, NLP co-founder together with Richard Bandler and John Grinder, shares some practical strategies to use to live better during the emergency Covid-19.

Robert Dilts (USA)

In this video Robert Dilts, NLP developer, consultant and author, talks about how to bolster our immune system with a specific technique.

Andrea Frausin (Italy)

In this video Andrea Frausin, NLP Master Trainer, coach, consultant and author, shares a simple and effective NLP technique for relaxation.

Tim and Kris Hallbom (USA)

In this video Tim Hallbom, international trainer, coach and developer in the field of NLP, and Kris Hallbom, an internationally recognized trainer, author and coach, are talking about relationships and how to resolve some problems in five quick ways.

Judith Delozier (USA) interviewed by Andrea Frausin

In this video Judith Delozier, trainer, co-developer, and designer of training programs in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming since 1975, talks about different issues we are facing during this period and how to deal with the challenges.

Phil Parker (UK)

In this video Phil Parker, NLP Master Trainer, mind-body connection expert, researcher and author, talks about how to improve your health.

Angelique de Graaff (The Nederlands)

In this video Angelique de Graaff, NLP Master Trainer and "the class whisperer", talks about how the immune system is directly connected to our mindset.

Jaap Hollander (The Nederlands)

In this video Jaap Hollander, NLP Trainer, psychologist and author, explains what is healthy thinking and what we can do with it.

Anneke Meijer (The Nederlands)

In this video Anneke Mejier, NLP Trainer, psychologist and provocative coach, describes an exercice which is helpful when a person is facing a challenging situation.

Lucas Derks (The Nederlands)

In this video Lucas Derks, NLP Trainer and social psychologist, talks about human relationships and in particular he explains his "Social panorama model".

Inge Grete Ludwigsen (Denmark)

In this video Inge Grete Ludwigsen, NLP trainer, coach and psychotherapist, talks about how to take care of our intimate relationships.

Jeremy Lazarus (UK)

In this video Jeremy Lazarus, NLP Master Trainer and author, talks about useful business strategies in tough times.

Anneke Durlinger (The Nederlands)

In this video Anneke Durlinger, NLP Master Trainer and author, talks about state management and how to support yourself in challenging times.

Ueli Frischknecht (Switzerland)

In this video Ueli Frischknecht, NLP Master Trainer, explains what anchors are and how to use them in everyday life.

Jessica Riberi (Chile)

In this video Jessica Riberi, NLP Master Trainer, explains what vulnerability is as a real experience about everyone of us.

Kris Hallbom (USA)

In this video Kris Hallbom, an internationally recognized trainer, author and coach, explains a technique called "square breathing" which helps to reduce stress in challenging situations.

Marcel Genestar (Spain)

In this video (in Italian) Marcel Genestar, NLP Trainer, talks about stress and the difference between negative and positive stress.

Andrea Frausin (Italy)

In this video (in Italian) Andrea Frausin, NLP Master Trainer, coach, consultant and author, shares a simple and effective NLP technique for relaxation.